50% OFF Waxing

We’d all love smooth Legs, stubble free underarms and an itch free bikini line wouldn’t we?  … but many people are put off waxing because they’re afraid it will be painful … the good news is they’re wrong and we guarantee it!

How can we be so confident?

Because we use a very special type of wax and we have a unique way of applying and removing it which rips all the old fears and embarrassment about waxing away and consigns them to the history books where they belong.

We know it can be hard to try waxing again especially after some terrible experience but if you’ve never experienced waxing at Be Beautiful before, it’s time you did and we’re so confident you’ll find our “Be Beautiful” waxing experience the best ever…  we’ll also give you 50% off Lip, All Bikini & Underarm Waxing until the 3rd May.

Here are the details:

  • Underarm £9.50- Now £4.75
  • Lip Wax £5.00-Now £2.50
  • Basic Bikini £11.00- Now £5.50
  • Extended Bikini £15.00 – Now £7.50
  • Brazilian Wax £25.00- Now £12.50
  • Hollywood Wax £30.00-Now £15.00
T&C’s apply
  • For who: This offer is for clients that have never experienced any of these services with us before. You may be a client but never had any of the above services using our new waxing techniques. 
  • When: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday until the 3rd May. (not available with Victoria)
  • For best results : 2-3 weeks hair growth is required to receive the best wax experience depending on speed of growth or hair the length of a rice grain is perfect too. 

Feel free to share it with friends and family – remember they’ll thank you for it!

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