Why you need a Brow Tint regardless of your Hair Colour

Something so simple can make a BIG Difference

It’s like that with a Brow Tint. Recently at our team meting we were saying how none of us could image not having a Brow Tint.

In our team we have 2 Red Heads, 3 Dark Heads and 1 Blondie and all of us tint our Brows, so no matter what your hair colour it’s a suitable treatment for everyone.

Most people agree they want a more defined Brow but on the other hand they are afraid that a tint could be too dark or too noticeable.

We totally understand this and will walk you through the process step by step. If it’s your first-time tinting we’ll ask you what kind of look you want, then we can adjust the colour we use, how warm the tone is and how long we leave it to develop depending on your hair type etc.

Even if you currently use a Brow Pencil having a tint done makes life with a Brow pencil so much easier. Your Brows will hold the shape for longer even when they are growing out and if you are starting to see some grey hairs sneak though (shhh….) a tint is a great way to mask these.

And on that note an Eyelash tint is ace too!

Maybe having lash extensions isn’t for you but your lashes are so fair that even with mascara its hard to get those fair roots covered…an Eyelash Tint solves this problem too.

So, as we said before something so simple makes a big difference. If you’ve thinking i would love to try it , the first thing you’ll need to do is have a patch test if you’ve never been to our salon before, but even if you have had tinting done before but not at our salon we will still need to carry out a patch test as all salons will use different brands. This is 100% for your safety and we will not risk your safety without having one. Then you are good to go!

You can Book a patch test right here : http://phore.st/WACKmg or Call us on 02838318280.

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