Find out how Waxing has changed

Do you want to HIDE when you hear the word Bikini Wax?  (Ouch)

We know that 99% of you guys have had a horrible waxing experience in the past and it has made you say ‘I will NEVER Wax Again!!!’ ⠀

But did you know waxing doesn’t have to be that way? Things have changed- a lot!! ⠀

Yes, some salons out there are still using 1990’s waxing products & techniques, trying to save money and still causing clients a lot of unnecessary pain but here at Be Beautiful we have moved with the times. ⠀

We don’t want to inflict pain when it’s is totally unnecessary because when you use a premium waxing product and have staff trained with the best waxing brand it makes a huge difference! ⠀

The fear of Waxing is gone ladies- at Be Beautiful you will experience the best waxing experience ever- We say this because our clients tell us it every day and it’s our Passion to give you the most professional and painless wax possible.

Here is what you need to know: ⠀

  • We never EVER use strip wax from the Bikini line Up (legs only)
  • We never compromise on quality products
  • We use a gentle peel off Wax- NO Strips
  • We Condition your skin prior to waxing
  • We use a premium waxing product called Waxperts for even the most sensitive Skin
  • All staff are fully trained in Waxing & Advanced Intimate waxing

So, what’s stopping you? … The best time to start waxing to be stubble free, smoother skin, no black shadows, no more itchy skin is NOW- Summer will be here sooner than you think- Yay!

 We promise there is nothing to FEAR!

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