What i stand for in Business

Victoria (salon Owner)

Hey Guys, I’m Victoria, owner of Be Beautiful. I guess I’m just like the rest of you guys. I like to know who’s behind a business. What they stand for and what they value.I want to know where I’m spending my money is the best choice. Whether that’s in a restaurant or a coffee shop I like to know the story behind a business. 

Maybe it’s because I’m in business I see this more but deep down I think we all kinda need this information.

About me

 Yep I’m Victoria. I’m the girl who at the age of 19 decided I would open a beauty salon in a village called Poyntzpass . A place that most people had never heard of unless you lived local or you walk the beautiful towpath close by.

Don’t panic though, I’d worked in salon from the young age of 14 and to be honest doing anything else really never come into the equation. By this stage i had completed my NVQ Level 2 & 3 and just embarked on my HND Level 5 Teaching Qualification. I suppose you could say i was eager!

Why I choose Poyntzpass 

I choose Poyntzpass mainly because it had no other beauty salons at that time and as someone who grew up in the country I loved the village feel, how friendly the people are and getting to know your customers is important to me.

Why I’m in business

It’s strange that most people hear the word business and think of money straight away. I probably thought that way at one time too, but let’s be honest I don’t live in a mansion and I’m definitely not a millionaire.

You quickly realise when you open those doors that money doesn’t just come in easily and it goes out faster than light! 
So money aside because most people I know including myself in business aren’t there just to make a quick buck. 

For me i’m in business for my clients, lots of you who are reading this blog.
I do it because I’m passionate about people. I enjoy bringing the best treatments to my clients, caring for you guys and pampering yous . Having a chat to you when you’ve had a bad day and sharing the smile when something really exciting is happening.

Our Motto at Be Beautiful is “That we would be the best part of a clients day.” I want every client to leave my salon feeling better than when they arrived (even after a wax!)

What I stand for? 

I’m a stickler for high standards. It’s not any old wax or a ‘quick’ nail paint hence why we don’t encourage drop in appointments as we don’t want you to have a rushed job. But as my staff know I want us to be the best salon, to give my staff the best environment to work and grow in and most importantly give our clients the best. Why give any less than your best is my attitude and so far it’s stood me well. 

That said it’s not easy, it causes me grief and stresses me out at times but it’s always worth it… which has brought something to mind. After a client visits our salon they get an email asking to them to review their service. A few months ago I got a client review into my inbox and it read:

“Fantastic treatments by Victoria and Prudence. Be Beautiful is a salon who only employs perfectionists”.

WOW…. That client will never know how much that touched me and lifted a real weight of my shoulder.

Finding staff that will follow your standards, what you stand for and deliver them to your clients is so hard in an industry where let’s be honest ‘slap dash ‘ is very norm. I’m very thankful i have found such a great team of girls here at Be Beautiful over the past few years.

Behind the scenes we work so hard to make Be Beautiful happen on a daily basis. Perfecting and correcting is a big part of what we do as a team also. Weekly meetings , training and discussing how and why we do things is really important to me and my staff.


If you’ve got this far then i thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and my business .If you’ve never been to Be Beautiful and it sounds like somewhere you would like to visit then please get in touch.

We’d love to meet you too!

All my Best

Victoria x

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