The Solution for Dry or Cracked Heels

Are you suffering from Dry or Cracked heels? 

Twice yearly most people visit their dentist to ensure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth. Most people also visit the Opticians at least once a year for an eye test – again just to ensure that things are going well. Unfortunately, the part of the body that most people neglect is the part that takes a major beating every day – Their feet.

Hard, Dry skin on the soles of the feet is not only unsightly but can become uncomfortable even to the point of pain for some people.

Effective & Results Driven 

The problem is, most people associate pedicures with pampering rather than getting results but i’m excited to tell you our New Foot care range Footlogix is not just about pampering but is the world’s first and only Pediceutical foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results.

What we offer 

Our in-salon Medi-Peel treatment will give you instant results on the day in just 30 minutes. Your therapist will then prescribe the appropriate foot-care products to continue use at Home.

All our products are lightweight, non-occlusive and easy to apply- leaving no greasy residue. Through our proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology® (DIT) active ingredients are carried into all the layers of the epidermis, helping to restore it to a healthy state.

What makes Foot Logix Medi Peel different?

Footlogix’s unique groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology® enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into troubled skin of the feet from curing simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes.

How is the treatment performed?

  1. First we will soak the feet  to soften your calluses. We will use a light exfoliator to remove any superficial skin while the feet are soaking
  2. Nest we apply the amazing callus treatment and leave for 1-2 mins to penetrate into the skin tissue.
  3. We now begin to remove the excess callus with out stainless steel foot file. At this point you can watch the calluses melt away!
  4. To finish we apply a moisturising yet non greasy foot mousse to finish the peel process.

How long will it take to see results?

Results can be seen immediately after your medi peel treatment however we are very realistic with clients and depending on the severity a few visits may be necessary every 4 weeks. Our amazing prescription footcare products will keep these results lasting for even longer.

What Conditions Can Footlogix Treat?

  • Rough / Dry Skin
  • Cracked Heels
  • Peeling Skin/ Athletes Foot
  • Sweaty Feet
  • Fungal Nail Infection
  • Cold Feet
  • Tired Legs
  • General wear to Feet

What is the duration of a Footlogix Medi peel?

We recommend that you allow for 30 mins when booking in your Footlogix medi Peel.

Are your products safe for Diabetics & Pregnancy ?

Since Footlogix products penetrate into the layers of the epidermis and not into the bloodstream, the products are safe for both Diabetics & in Pregnancy.

Are Footlogix Products safe for Cancer Patients?

All of the Footlogix products are completely safe for cancer patients. Our products only penetrate the epidermis so nothing passes into the blood stream. The skin on anyone who has a comprised immune system, such as that caused by cancer treatment, is usually dry. Our products aids in keeping the skin well moisturised and therefore healthier.

How much does it cost?

The treatment cost is £27.00

To book online  click here  or Call us: 02838318280

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