Results after 1 month

Last month we introduced our latest results driven treatment- Footlogix Medi Foot peel. 

If you missed  our blog post on this then click here to read more.

To see the amazing results possible with this treatment i arranged a case study with a client who has suffered hard and cracked skin for years and found nothing helped.

After 1 month this is her amazing results below.

This image was taken 1 month apart and as you can imagine this client is so happy with how her feet look and feel and she can’t wait to see further progress.

For this case study so far the client has had:

  • x1 Medi Foot Peel
  • Used her homecare foot mousse x2 daily to progress her results between treatments.

We hope to carry out another medi peel in the coming weeks and again the client will use her cracked skin formula daily, especially now that the colder weather is on it’s way.

If you or someone you know suffers from uncomfortable calluses, hard or dry skin on your feet then  get in touch to find out more about this amazing foot treatment. 

 We also have products suitable for nail infections, athletes foot and much more. For more information or to ask any questions please call us on 02838318280, email or if you are ready Book Now. 

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