Biggest Waxing Myths Busted

Are you afraid to wax? Lots of people are, and that’s why we are on a mission to educate you and debunk the 3 most common reasons why people are afraid to book a Bikini Wax.

1.First and Most importantly- No one is judging you.

Our therapists are professional that means they care more about doing their job to their best ability and giving you the best waxing experience possible. Although its normal to be a little nervous the first time, please don’t let it put you off. Our job is to make you look and feel better. It isn’t a bikini contest! 

2. There’s no such thing as being too hairy.

A lot of clients get embarrassed about their hair growth especially if it’s been a while from they tidied down their. But do you realise we would rather wax overgrown hair than a two-week-old shave?! It’s easier for the waxing specialist and less painful for you too. 

3. It’s not as bad as you’re expecting it to be.

If you’re a newbie and anticipating extreme pain levels then it’s likely to be way better than you think. For first-time waxers especially, the buildup of anticipation before you get in the treatment room is the worst part. Remember if your booking with an experienced therapist, the treatment itself will be much faster and less painful. Plus because we use a gentle non strip wax called waxperts you’ve reduced pain by about 50% off traditional waxing before you even start.

We hope this has help you understand some real truth around waxing and eliminated some of the fear. On that note, we’re off to do some more waxing. We hope to see you soon!

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