This has to be the Biggest Nail Myth ever

This has to be the Biggest Nail Myth ever- That your Nails need to ‘Breathe’ after wearing Gel Nails.

In the beauty world we have a little laugh at this because the FACT is nails don’t have lungs so of course they don’t need to breathe but why then is this terminology used so much you might ask?

I guess it’s like a lot of things and simply an old myth but what i think would be a better question is Do i need to take a break from wearing nail polish or gel nails” ?

If I give my own personal story and hopefully this will help you to understand this question much better.

I have worked in a salon from the age of 14 and i am now 32. For most of that time I have been wearing either Nail polish (imagine) or Gel nails.

The only reason I’ve ever given my nails a ‘break’ was because I simply was been too busy to get my gel removed and reapplied on the same day. I could genuinely say the longest time I have had gel completely off my nails would have been for about 10 days!

So if you are someone who finds you need to take a break for some reason here are 3 things I believe you need to ask yourself to see if Gel Nails has damaged your nails:

1. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Naturally how good are my Nails?”…

My personal answer to that question is “Pretty Weak”. From no age my nails always broke and split . I’ve tried every nail strengthener possible with little or no success, i prefer oils and supplementation (but that’s a topic for another day.) I find that when i wear Gel i can grow my nails way longer than without it for the simple reason my nails have been layered with a layer of protection to give them the illusion of more strength.

When wearing Gel on your nails, they can take more ‘abuse’ and don’t break as easily…. until i remove the gel and if I don’t get the gel back on asap they all break again because my nails naturally aren’t strong- nothing to do with gel damage.

Who can relate to this? Now is that the fault of the gel? NO…. 

Remember, my nails have ALWAYS been weak. Some people think because their nails break when the gel is removed that it’s because of the damage of the gel when in actual fact it’s because they naturally have weak nails or, they are now treating their own nails as if they are still wearing gel and not being as careful with them and the excess trauma is breaking them.

2. Second Question, “How do your nails Look after Wearing Gel?

When I remove my gel my nails they look great. No pits or dips, no ‘greenies’ (infection) and no pain. (all of those are possible). Having a product removed regularly and seeing what the health of your nails look like underneath is the best way to sustain healthy nail beds.

3. The third question should be, “What Type or Brand of products are you having?

The type and brand of gel you wear is really important. Just like most things there is a varied array of brands out there some of which aren’t as friendly to the natural nail.

In our salon we use The Gel Bottle Inc & Gelish as our products of choice. They both have a 5* safety rating and can be easily removed from the nail. But, like every good product it is only as good as the therapist using it and as salon we are very passionate to maintain the integrity of the natural nail at all times. (No harsh applications or removal techniques)

So hopefully we have cleared up the myth that nails need to breathe -they don’t. Go book your next gel mani!

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