Benefits of Winter Waxing

Did you know that Winter Waxing is actually key to hair growing back softer, finer, and thinner ready for Summer?

It’s no secret that for most of us during the Winter months our waxing routine gets shelved but shaving in the winter months will reverse all the good work waxing has done in the summer months.

“Shaving make your hair thicker while waxing makes it thinner…” 

Shaving makes your hair grow thicker, while waxing actually weakens the hair follicle making it easier to remove the hair (less pain).  Keeping a regular waxing schedule will ensure that your hair grows back thinner and less frequently.

Plus its also true that Winter Waxing makes wearing tights and underwear a less itchy and more comfortable experience as well.

If you’ve never waxed before then now is the perfect time to begin so that by the time next summer comes you can enjoy all the benefits that waxing brings.


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